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Working at the regional level for small and large brands.

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Brand identity & Packaging

Bee's Knees is a pastry chain that was born to bring its customers moments of satisfaction, a break in their routines for enjoyment.


They deliver moments to share.

Brand identity & Packaging

Fellow's is a fast food chain that offers a simple and fast service, attentive to the needs of your routine, where you get an experience according to your expectations in an environment that stands out for its American style.


For those looking to save time, go to what is known and delicious at lunchtime. At Fellow's you feel that you are not only a customer but part of a community that loves fast food.

Brand identity, Packaging & Photography

A handmade Gin in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Our essence is extracted from 4 ingredients: berries, peel, seeds and roots, thanks to a meticulous maceration process and once aged we obtain our Gin Aconcagua, ideal to serve very cold accompanied by tonic water in its traditional version.

Brand identity

The best vacations are waiting for you. Everything you have imagined in one place.


Dream beaches, crystal clear pools, gourmet experiences with creative cocktails. It's the moment you've been waiting for. Activate your vacation mode. Enjoy it your way at Wyndham Alltra.

Brand identity & Photography

At Artume we design and make everything for your pet. ​


We make each of our products with the unsurpassed duo of quality and affection so that your partner feel not only happy, but also part of the family.